Tale of Two Cities Video Project

A Tale of Two Cities

Paint for a Purpose

Magic Chips- Kayla, Shervin, Peter

The Monster - Matt Wolff and Jack Krupp

Prison Break

May 2019

Herb Football Player - Matt, Shervin, Jack, Kayla

@Capozzi period 1

Soap Massacre

Keagan Reilly and Sarah wishinsky- Minimalism

Documentary project "The Magic pill" By: Feyi Rufai and Ally Lang

Mr Capozzi Vocab #20

Documentary Project Paige and Kidest

Documentary Project

Documentary Project

Exit through the gift shop- Brandon Hammerman, Avi Rosenblat, Matthew Koo, And Jeremy Kim

Olivia and Rachel- Menendez Brothers

Macbeth Trailer English Period 2


Sam Agulnick, Daniel Castillo, Mielle Emouna, and Daniella Futoran

An Inconvenient Truth Documentary Project

Documentary Project by John Strifas

documentary project- Ashley Hou and Ali Weinberg

Documentary Project

when the levees broke documentary project

Doc Project: Dalya's Other Country

Documentary project

13th Documentary Project - Daleep, Nick, Andrew, Daniel, Kyle

Docmntry Project

Aram, Ava, Selina doc project

Documentary Project

Macbeth Final Project

Andrade Documentary Project

Documentary Project Andie and Maddie

Documentary Project

Macbeth Trailer

Week 19 Vocab

Social class project

HH Student Council

Macbeth Project

Liana Drenis y Andie Weiner

Vocab week 18 Capozzi period 1

La pizza Jeremy Kim Matthew Koo


Spanish Conv H cooking project

Spanish Conv H Project

EspaƱol proyecto

Torta De Fideos By Amy & Sara

Zoe y Amanda-Los Panqueques


Mr. Capozzi Vocab 17 period 1

Shervin y Ryan

Vocab week 16 Seth Kessler

Challenge Day 2018-19

Net Neutrality

We know penguins

Internet Censorship

Vocabulary week 15 period 1 Mr. Capozzi

2019 HH 4th Grade Case of Big Bad Wolf vs The Pigs

Spanish Proyecto Zootopia


I am Sam Shenker

I am jack krupp

List 14

I am Peter Ackermann

HH Multi-Cultural Day 2019

I Am Ben Einzig

I am Project

Shervin I am project

I am Ryan

I Am Video

I am project

Period 1 Capozzi Vocab Week 13

Who am I


defintion project

Lang defintion project

Definition Project By Amy Wagner

Definition Project by Arin Siriamonthep

Definition Project

Definition Project

Defitnion project- ap lang


Definition Project

Kylie Definition Project

AP Lang Definition Project

Definition Project - Jeremy Kim

Ava Woo Definition Project

Definition Project - Justin Kalman

Eytan Gilady definition project

John Strifas Definition Project

Definition Project - Lara Gerstman

Makenzie Komack Definiton Project

Maia kirschner definition project

Maddie Rubin Definition Project

Definition Project