Dust in the Wind Music Video Period 8 Kaufman

6 Word Memoir - Period 4

Welcome Back

Welcome Back, East Hills!

School Year 2021 2022

Krause Kids 2020-2021

Hydraulic Brake System

East Hills PARP Week 2021

Semester Hackathon

Q2 Spanish Notebook

outside reading project #2

Outside Reading Project 2 Mr. Vogt

Outside Reading Project #2 - Podcast

Paraguyan Cornbread- Zachary Chapman and Michael Weitz

Stranger Project

Cell Signaling Video

the stranger project

Zach Chapman and Michael Weitz Extra Credit

Project SS

Veterans Day revised

Introduction to College Admissions Technology


Veterans Day 2020

lang song analysis project

Spanish Argentina Project- Zach Chapman and Michael Weitz

SEPTA Meeting 10_22_20

Rachel Yeroshalmi Furniture Video

Extra credit

State and local government

Falcone open house

Mrs. Palladino

East Hills Weekend Review

UMich Zoom

Kings Point 50th Reunion

Middle School Reopening Meeting on Aug. 20, 2020

HS Parent Meeting Part 1 (8.17.20)

Select Remote Elementary

Emory Chat

Binghamton Zoom

PFA Meeting - College Testing Update

Principal's Message 6/15

Pledge 6/12

2019-2020 End of Year

Message 6/10

Mostra e Racconta

Pledge for the last day of school 6/15

Final project

Pledge 6/10

Library / HH Class of 2020

Pledge 6/9

Pledge 6/11

Sunday Message 6/7

Fig Driving Project

Sunday Morning 6/7

East Hills Moving Up Day 2020

italian how to project

Spanish project fig

Isabela Miranda Project

Project by Zach Chapman

Pledge 6/8

Principal's Message 6/3

Pledge 6/3

Pledge 6/4

Pledge 6/5

Pledge 6/2

Mindful Monday 6/1

June 3

June 2

June 1

Pledge 6/1

Italian show and tell project

Message 5/28

Pledge 5/29

Pledge 5/27

Memorial Day 5/25

EH ABC Extravaganza

Announcement 5/22

Announcement 5/26

Red Nose Day 5/21

Pledge 5/21