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Huck Finn Project by Kevin Cai

Ap Lang satire project

huck finn interview justin, reid, and sam

huck finn interview justin, reid, and sam

huck finn interview justin, reid, and sam


Huckleberry finn interview by Elit and Lucy

Huckleberry Finn interview

Huck Finn interview


Satire project

Satire project

AP Lang satire project

Bieber Fever - Satire Project

Satire project

satire project-Jordan Bernstein, Justin Kalman, Matthew Nichols

AP Lang Satire Project - John Strifas

Selina, Ava, Aram satire project

Satire Project

Satire Project

Satire Project

Satire Project--Maddie, Brynn, Will, Josh, and Spencer

Satire Project

AP Lang PowerSchool Satire

Alex capozzi huck Finn project

Lang Satire Project By: Amy, Liana, & Sarah

Capozzi Vocab list 10

Medea rewrite

Modern Day Medea Project

Project Yali barel

Medea project

Madea Project

Medea project

Medea project

hApPi3r By MaRsHmElO

Missouri Compromise

Alamma Iqbal animation

Animation video

Animation project 2

Jason Kandel Propaganda Project

Start With Hello

Vocab video

Magic move project 1

Magic move project 1

Animation Project

Animation project

Period 6 Week 6 Vocab Capozzi

Sail video

english week 6 vocab

Josh Kaftol and Uncle Kemp

Quadratics ACT SAT

functions ACT SAT

Jack Blank Interviews his dog Kasia on Thanksgiving 2018

Jack Blank Interviews his Grandma on Thanksgiving 2018

Jake Greenberg and Grandpa John

Holocaust Digital Video

Harbor Hill - Pay Kindness Forward

vocabulary list 4

Antigone Project - Movie Trailer

Antigone movie trailer/short film

Oedipus talk show Zach Chapman, Danny Wharton, Eli Levitt and Luke Leibman

Oedipus Project: Interview Video

Antigone Trailer

Low Budget Show Antigone

AP Lang Song Analysis

Antigone Project

Wing$ Final Version

video analysis project

High Hopes English Project

Spanish project

lovely - rhetorical analysis

Marmalade Analysis- Keagan Reilly

AP Lang Song Project

AP Lang Song Project - Ryan Will Yasin

"Not Afraid" Rhetorical Analysis - Daniel Williams and Alex Bloom

AP Lang - G******

AP Lang Song Project

AP Lang - Look What You Made Me Do: Rhetorical Analysis

lovely rhetorical analysis project

Cirringione P.1/9 Song Project

one man can change the world

Amy, Maddie, Ariel Spanish Project

Charlotte, Jocie & Amanda Spanish Project

Spanish Q1 Project

AP Lang Song Project

Crucible adding a scene

Q1 Spanish Project

This is America Rhetorical Analysis Project