10 shots - Zach Olson

Camera Shots

10 Shots (Jonathan Nissan)

10 Shots Project

I am Griffin Nash

10 Shots. Brandon and Josh

10 Shots. Brandon and Josh

Sermon on The Mount

I AM Madeline Fitterman

I am Audrey

I Am Michelle Roitgarts

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I Am Zach Olson

I am Jonathan Nissan

I am Jordan Freeman

I am Brandon Fries

I Am Josh Liepper

Satire Project

Satire Project (Amanda, Joy, Julia, Jessie, Marisa)

HH Souper Bowl of Caring

English Satire Project


Celebrities advertise drugs

English Satire Project Holly Christine Briana

The Real Fake News

English Satire Project: Socify

Hunter fateh sammy satire video

Satire Project

WKJ News - Satire Project

#ThePerfInsta (Cirringione Satire Project)

Satire Project


HH Student Council Newscast 2016

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Drone With Gimbal

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Pencils! - Reiff - Broadcasting

Nugget Zombies - Reiff

Nugget Zombies - Reiff

HH Student Council

HH Student Council

Drone Flight

HH Student Council

HH Student Council

Josh Rashbaum English Project

Literary elements

Rhetorical Analysis of Song

Wrecking Ball Analysis Sam Busch and Ali Ben-Levi

Dollhouse Analysis

Marisa Ruttgeizer and Jessie Cooper-Vastola Song Analysis

Thriller Rhetorical Devices

Fall Out Boy - Centuries Rhetorical Analysis

Shana Lichaw and Alex Posner Song Analysis

Day n Nite - Hollander and Smith

Julia Furnari and Amanda Klausner, video rhetorical analysis

Rhetorical Analysis of Chandelier

rhetorical Analysis Project- Nicole Nissan

Rhetorical analysis

Smile Rhetorical Analysis

Rolling in the Deep Rhetorical Analysis- Sarah Buzy and Rebecca Samet

Rhetorical Analysis Project

Adele - Hello Rhetorical Analysis (Carly and Chloe)

Rhetorical analysis Hello

Shawn, Ritwik, Todd Song Analysis

AP Rhetorical Analysis Song

Rhetorical Analysis Project

Love Story Rhetorical Analysis

AP Lang Rhetorical Analysis Song Project

Rhetorical Analysis Song Project

Thank You

Confucianism vs Taoism

What if Confucius met Lao Tau?

Lao Tzu Quotes

What is Religion

Taoism Explained


Nic Cage, YOLO, & Taoism

Eastern Philosophy - Confucius

What is Philosophy

Life Lessons

Lao Tzu

Wisdom of Lao Tzu

Who Was Confucius?

Green Screen Project

Period 7 dust in the wind

Dust in the wind music video

Kaufman p7 dust in the wind

Kaufman p7

Dust in the wind Kaufman p2

Dust in the wind music video

Kaufman p2