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Summer reading

Grade 4 2014-15

Romeo and Juliet

romeo and juliette (bailely, ari and sadie)

Mrs. Tripoli's Class: 2014/15

HH Retirement Video

BOE - 6-4-2015 - Sahil's Speech

BOE - 6-4-2015 - Middle School

BOE - 6-4-2015 - East Hills

BOE Thanks to Dan


BOE - 6-4-2015 - Flash Mob

HTS Video for Dan

Mrs. Ferris - 5th Grade - End of Year slideshow 2015

Romeo & Juliet Act I Scene III

Beowulf on Twitter

Roslyn AppleTV Initiative 5-7-2015-5

Anxiety And Your Child

HH library - 4th Grade Black History Month Project 2015

Peaceful School Bus Meetings April 2015

HH library - Elicks 2015

HH library - Himmel 2015

HH library - Hoppenhauer 2015

Beowulf's Eulogy

HH library - Belcher 2015

HH library - Tripoli 2015

HH library 2015 - 5th Grade Latin America Project


HH library - Brown 2015

HH library - Richards 2015

HH library - Ferris 2015

HH library - Hintermeister 2015

HH library - Cadmus 2015

Highridge Overture - Cello

Just Give Me A Reason - Cello

Moodscape Cello

Highridge Overture - Violin 2

Highridge Overture - Violin 2

Just Give Me A Reason - Violin 2

Highridge Overturn - Cello

Moodscape - Violin 2

Highridge Overture

Highridge Overture - Violin 1

Highridge Overture

Just Give Me a Reason - Viola

Moodscape - Viola

Moodscape - Viola

Just Give Me A Reason - Violin 1

Moodscape - Violin 1

Moodscape - Violin 1

En el Hotel Dialogo. Onda y Saltador



3-5 Penn State

3-5 Luhrman

Revaltions imovie

Class work 3/12/15

My Telligami Video on the Book of Revelations

The Revelations


Michelle Izzy

Alex and Immar

EH Dr. Seuss unbirthday

Penguins On Parade

100th Day Heartprints

Classwork vide

Roslyn Overachiever - Satire Project

Cirringione Satire Project- Star Kashman Sam Sherman

AP English Satire

Satire Project Cirringione

Satire Project for Ms. Cirringione

Kardashian Satire English Project

Lindsay Princer, Libby Elman, Sasha Oratz Satire Project

Satire Project By: Mahip Grewal, Gloria Ren, Lindsey Snyder, Tess Dicker, and Emily Chen

Next Week Tomorrow with Oliver John: Satire

AP Lang & Comp Satire Video

Emily Rosenbaum, Ashley Messinger & Alexa Buchbinder - Satire Project

Dylan Bernstein, Ryan Golub, Matt Katz, Spencer Shores

Transportation Video version 3

China - 2-2015

iMovie Translation Project


Tellgami Summary

Project Explained

Character math

Character video