Chase and Cody

Wyatt and Ben

Stella and Luka

Logan and Russell

East Hills Fly Over - NO SOUND

East Hills Fly Over


testing schedule


School vs. Spotrs

Fairness of School Parking.

Short News Package

yo yo


Brandon Wiener and a side of Hunter take CSI Roslyn



Technology in RHS

Alexa/Michelle space interview

Jake/Gavin space video

Dylan/Jon space video

Darren/Joseph space interview

Sidney/phoebe space interview

Liat/Sophie space interview

Alarm Security News JML

Hyun/Nicoletta Space Interview

Mrs. Belcher's Buddy Project

Cappozi Period 9 Vocabulary 21

6 shot video

6 shots

devin 10 shots

Maddie Rubin English Trailer

Isaiah Jackson

Seth Kessler Benedict Arnold

Quahmez Simmons

Lord of the Flies Final Draft

Boy on the wooden box trailer

Glass Castle Trailer

Lord of the Flies

The story of an hour

looking glass

I am Miles Mueller

The Story of an Hour - Griffin Berkenfeld

6 Shot

Star Wars Yo




Lonely Girl

The Looking Glass

B Roll Footage practice- Freeman and Audrey

The College Conspiracy B.A

the looking glass

Marinos Mihalartos- Abuse

Creed Interview


Practice News Package

la cocina de Priyanka y Nikki

The Amish-Shunned Documentary

Quarter 3 Cooking Project

SuperSize Me- Alex Posner, Shana Lichaw, Dani Sontag, Marni Cohen, and Sofia Kalman

Jiro Documentary - Shawn, Todd, Ritwik, Zach

Documentary Project

Going Clear - Documentary Project

Documentary Project

Born into Brothels Analysis- Sarah Buzy and Rebecca Samet

Make a Difference

Miss Representation - Matthew Landon and Natalie

Waiting for "Superman" Project

Super Size Me

Competition Video

Locked In

Spanish food project

Cocinando Galletas

HH library Richards Brown A

4th Grade HH The Case of the Big Bad Wolf

Beowulf project

Beowulf project

Beowulf pro

Beowulf project

Beowolf Final Project Trailer

Beowulf Movie: Grendel's Anatomy

beowulf final project


HH library Brown Richards B

Clerks: A Modern Day Telling

Clerks Video

HHLibrary Elicks Hopp B

HH library Elicks Hopp A

HH library Himmel

Star Wars Yo

I am

Klerks Video

HH School Store

Fashion Project. (Spanish)


Clerks- Miles Mueller