Dante Movie

Dante Video

Dante Movie

Canto IV Dante's Inferno

Silent film

Dante's Inferno Silent Movie

Dante Project

Silent movie

Dante Video

Darren Teleprompter

Geometry Regents Jan 2017

Camera Angles Proj

Self dialogue


Six Shot Story NEW

Six Shot Story

Megan Clip AP english

Jessica and Patty Documentary Project

Othello/friend advice


The Imposter- Sophie, Jamie, Daniel

Documentary Project - Devin Rosenthal, Rekik Wolde, Michal Golos

la receta dana y alexa

Xander Elias, Seth Rosen, Jacob Buchbinder, & Jordan Friedman Documentary Project

documentary project

10 shots

Hamilton Period 8 The Story Of An Hour

Jesus Camp - Anushka Kumar & Lila Rokanas

Adam and Stacy

story of an hour hamilton p. 8

Alex Weissman English Documentary Project

Mussolini rising interview

Story of an Hour

Unexpected cause

10 camera angles

Sammy and Jordan Short Stories video

The Story of An Hour Daydream Project

Dialogue video

Documentary Project- Morgan Davey and Jessie Weinberg

Supersize Me- Jason Wu, Arya Ahmed, Danielle Blattman

Documentary Project - Nick Paul Max Spencer

AP English Documentary Project - Sadie Lichaa and Megan Tsao

AP Lang Documentary Project - Stephanie, Jenny, Ramneek

Documentary Project Dana Wagner and Phoebe Klein

The Story of an Hour

Armenian genocide

Tori & Ben ASL

English Video

One person dialogue

Earth Day Celebration

Spanish Q3 Cooking Project

W & L News

Spanish Cooking Show

Coke-continuous shot

Continuous shot (first)

Geometry Research Honors Ch 15 review

Geometry Research Honors Ch 14 review

Beowulf project

the lost lunch

6 shots

2 Minute Clip

continuous shot

Beowulf project

Beowulf Projecf

Beowulf Project

Beowulf trailer

Beowulf project by: Empress Preston, Matilde Bermudez and Sherin Kurian

Beowulf Trailer by Daniel Castillo, Jake Pareti, and Andrew Antenberg

Beowulf Final Project

The Splash

Long Shot



Harbor Hill 5th grade law 2017

Tahany Infomercial Jordan

Tahany Infomercial Emily

Tahany Infomercial Marli

Tahany Infomercial Owen

Lord of the flies culmination

Lord of the Flies Trailer

Faculty Meeting 3.14.17

RMS Science Cafe

Geometry Research Honors Ch 12 review

Geometry Research Honors Ch 13 review

Precalc review for exam 32

Beowulf End

School Day 6 Shot

I Studied Hard, Test Was Harder

Ethan Lipetz

6 Shot Story Final

Challenge Day Slide Show 2017

Lost my Lunch