5th Grade Walk Through

Happiness by Mrs. Goldin's Class 2021-2022



Ms. Harwin's End of Year Celebration

Mrs. Goldin's 2021-2022 End of Year Video Slideshow

Team Orange - Fortnite

Red Team Documentary Film Project

East Hills Tours

EH 3rd Grade Recorder Concert 6.2.22

Red Nose Day 2022

Short Film

Team Orange Short Film

red team narrative film

Smooth sailing

9th and 10th Grade Presentation with Dr. Ramsay

Restrepo Documentary Project

Ali english documentary

Exit Through the Gift Shop- Janice, Lana, Kristi, Lydia

BryantxMaxx We Live in Public

The Thin Blue Line - Documentary Project

No Safe Spaces

drugs kill psa (team blue)

Red Team PSA

Team Orange PSA

Peer pressure final cut

Peer Pressure PSA (Yellow)

pure cinema green group

Pure Cinema (orange team)

Time To Pretend Final Cut

Time to Pretend

Mari Copeny

Simone Manuel

Black History Month RMS 2/1

NOA & Ella satire project


Tali x Dylan

Very Funny Satire Project Please Laugh

Satire project

Janice, Lana, Kristi, Lydia Satire Project

RPG Lang Satire Yung Group Lee Productions feat. Liam McHugh

Miranda, Han, and Sklar Satire Project

Friction 500

Spanish vid 2021

French vid 2021

Veterans Day

Chorus - Cinnamo

Alec Borg & Mateo Barreto Song project

Another Brick in the Wall RAV - Liam McHugh

Rebecca Han Song Analysis

Logan Huckins, Moses Lee, Matthew Voynovich Song Project

you belong with me RA- janice and jadyn

Rhetorical Analysis Song Project -- Noa & Ella

Fight Song - AP Language Song Project

Rhetorical Analysis Video

Grenade RA by Lana, Kristi, Lydia

Rhetorical Analysis Song Project- Sofia and Isabela

Rhetorical Analysis Video - Eliza Garmise, Amanda Lerner, Lindsay Cohen, Brooke Weiss, Simone Mashaal, Jordyn Brandman

Song analysis- Dylan and Tali

Rhetorical Analysis Song Project

Rhetorical Analysis Song Project

Nov Week 1 final

Nov Spirit Week 1

Red Ribbon Week Recap

Gilgamesh “Dust in the Wind” feat. max

Dust in the Wind Music Video Kaufman Period 4

dust in the wind music video (period 4)


"Dust in the Wind" Music Video Kaufman Period 3

"Dust in the Wind" Music Video Kaufman Period 3

Dust In The Wind Music Video Period 8 Kaufman

dust in the wind gilgamesh

Dust in the Wind video period 8 Kaufman