vocabulary list 4

Antigone Project - Movie Trailer

Antigone movie trailer/short film

Oedipus talk show Zach Chapman, Danny Wharton, Eli Levitt and Luke Leibman

Oedipus Project: Interview Video

Antigone Trailer

Low Budget Show Antigone

AP Lang Song Analysis

Antigone Project

Wing$ Final Version

video analysis project

Do what I want song analysis- John Strifas

High Hopes English Project

AP Lang SongAnalysis- Shreeyam, Aram

Spanish project

lovely - rhetorical analysis

Marmalade Analysis- Keagan Reilly

AP Lang Song Project

AP Lang Song Project - Ryan Will Yasin

"Not Afraid" Rhetorical Analysis - Daniel Williams and Alex Bloom

AP Lang - G******

AP Lang Song Project

AP Lang - Look What You Made Me Do: Rhetorical Analysis

lovely rhetorical analysis project

Cirringione P.1/9 Song Project

one man can change the world

Amy, Maddie, Ariel Spanish Project

Charlotte, Jocie & Amanda Spanish Project

Spanish Q1 Project

AP Lang Song Project

Crucible adding a scene

Q1 Spanish Project

This is America Rhetorical Analysis Project

crucible interview

Song Rhetorical Analysis

Crucible interview

Rhetorical Analysis By Amy and Liana

Entrevista a Diane Guerrero

We Are Roslyn i

We Are Roslyn

Sammy clips video

Maia and Ari Proyecto

Spanish Project

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. Rhetorical Analysis

We Are Roslyn

Bounce for men

Week 3 vocabulary

final creed b roll

Creed B Roll

creed b roll movie

Creed b roll movie

creed b roll 2

Creed B Roll

Lucy Haworth Vocabulary Week 2 Mr. Capozzi

more triangle congruence proofs 1

Alex freeman vocab video week 1 Mr capozzi

Homecoming 2018

Fortnite movie

HS Side Sign

6 Shot Story

6 Shot Short Story Film

6 shot story

6 Shot Story

10 camera angles

Angles (10)

10 Shot video

10 Shot video

Basic Camera Angles

Basic Camera Angles

10 camera angles

I Am Julia

HS Front - 9-12-2018

I am Angelina Remnek

I am Ali

First day highlights 2018-2019

I am Mia (a bad video)

I am


HH Opening Day 2018


Welcome Back 2018


June 2018

HH Library - Mrs. Hendler

HH Library - Mrs. Ferris

HH Library - Mrs. Maleganos

Class of 2017/2018

Pre Calc H Final review part 4

Pre Calc H Final review part 3

Video & audio production

Pre Calc H Final review part 1

Final Chinese 2 mandarin video project.

Luke Weiss, Sam knee, max meyer video