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outside reading project #2
This is Mason Lee and Aryan Kumar's second outside reading project for Mr. Vogt's 6th period Freshman Literature class 2020-2021. We chose a podcast because we would be able to communicate our thoughts and opinions as well as talk about the book. It was a way for us to come together and clear any confusion as well when we read the book and get to know what the other person thought. Doing a podcast also allowed us to easily communicate on how to do the project, as other genres such as book reviews could become confusing as we have different styles of writing. Also, if someone wanted to get to know the overview of the book and our opinions, this would help them. Our main goals when creating this project was to communicate our thoughts on the book and what we thought were the main purposes of it. We could also interact and expand on each other's ideas. This podcast reflects our book’s themes and major points because of how we talked about the main purposes and connected it to the story. As you will hear in our podcast, we start off with a summary of the book and the main parts of it. Towards the end of the podcast we explain what we thought were the main themes to the book were and how it connects to the story. The summary helps us show specific points of the book that were key moments in producing these themes.
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